Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Be Awesome Today

It's Wednesday... blllllaaaahh. Wednesday is my least favorite day of the week. It's not really anything- not a fresh new week, not the end of a long week, it's just Wednesday (snore). In an effort to give Wednesday a little spice I've decided to plant my 1st recurring post.

Without further ado...


We're going to rehash things I love & don't about this past week. Get excited.

Cheers to...

Kid President. 
Have you seen this kid? He's ridiculous... ridiculously awesome! 
He's funny, he likes to dance, he's pretty spot on with his assessment of adults. I mean, really. What's not to like? He's also got a great back story (LOVE a good back story!). If you take the time to watch his videos you'll notice that he's wearing a cast in several of the videos. He has a bone disorder which causes his bones to break often. He's had over 70 breaks! Yet, living with this hasn't broken his spirit. Check him out, you won't be disappointed. My boys LOVE him & you will too!

Cheers to...

Children's Hospital
Talk about timely We were just there because my 6 y/o broke his wrist over the weekend (living with a kid with a broken wrist has given me a new respect for Kid President- see the connection? Sorry, I used to be a kindergarten teacher). Anyway, injury on Friday, x-rays on Saturday, cast on Monday. In & out every time, no hassle, no fuss. These are people that love kids, you can tell by the way they treat them & their parents. Kudos, Children's. Another job well done! And yes, we've been there many, many times. This is Cheers people, I'll get to the Jeers.

and finally,

Cheers to...

the Swiffer Sweeper Vac
What did I ever do without you? I don't know why I hesitated to buy you, you are so lovely. You pick up the crumbs of a 1 y/o, a 6 y/o can use you. I could go on & own. Bye, bye broom! Go make-out with the mop in the garage. She gets lonely.


I don't love to be negative, everybody's got their own stuff to deal with. Mine is pretty small in comparison, but sometimes you gotta vent. So, I'll keep this short & sweet.

A big fat booooo to...

Broken bones
Can you believe we made it 8 years with four boys & this is our 1st broken bone? We've had stitches, staples, tubes but no breaks. It was only a matter of time & I gotta say I'm not surprised which kid broke the bone. The worst was seeing him in pain for days & not being able to help him. But to put a positive spin on it (told ya I'm not a complainer!), it's a VERY minor break. We're in a cast for 3 weeks. (Yes, we. A child in a cast is a family affair.) I think the biggest challenge is going to be fitting his inflated ego through the door ;) His teacher told him he could pick 3 kids to sign his cast & he chose all girls. I think I'm in trouble!

Take that, Wednesday!

"We were meant to be awesome" - Kid President

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