Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It's time to get serious

I've hemmed & hawed about writing this, committing to this blog. Do I have time? Do I have energy? Do I have resources? And then I decided... do I care? Let's just get down to it. Here it is, my non-committal, sometimes on it, sometimes lazy, semi-time consuming attempt. Let's get honest.


I'm not really a preschool mom.

I know, you weren't expecting that. I USED to be a preschool mom. I'm GOING to be a preschool mom in the near-ish future, but no, I'm not currently a preschool mom. I am a former preschool mom with lots of experience in the preschool field. Experiences in finding a school, getting the most out of your school, teaching in a preschool & teaching in a kindergarten. I've sent 3 kids to preschool over 5 years... I think I'm qualified to call myself a preschool mom.


This blog has sat here for a really long time.

A long time... years. A few years ago I thought it would be a really good idea to share my experiences & knowledge in the field of education. I WAS actually a preschool mom when I opened this blogger account. Then life happened- i.e. another baby. Baby #4 put a serious dent in my writing motivation & energy & time & brain cells... you get the idea. Fast forward 2 years & now I have consistent napper, 3 in school & a lack of desire to clean/do laundry, etc. Welcome back, blog! My mind thanks you! My house? Probably not.


I started this blog for you, the reader. Now, I think it's more for me.

As a former kindergarten teacher, I have years worth of training & experience floating around in my head. Things that the average parent can't access. So when I decided to blog, it was initially to share this information. I could help parents teach their kids with the stroke of my keyboard. I could share all of those things I wished parents knew when I was teaching. I could teach from my computer screen.
I still plan to do all of those things. I'm going to share ideas, good finds, strategies, things that are going to help parents without backgrounds in educations. I'm also going to share anecdotes, real-life parenting stories & struggles, more things from my life instead of text book stuff. This is more of an outlet for me, a way to record my life as it flies by me while giving you some realistic advice on how to help your kiddo at home. Hopefully you'll find it informative & entertaining. 

So that's it, that's my game plan. My 1st goal is to not let it be years before I touch this blog again... guess you'll have to check back to see how I do :)

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