Thursday, August 1, 2013

What We're Reading: July

Up to my eyeballs in stuff this week. The big boys started football practice & it's four. nights. a. week. Seriously, it is. I wouldn't joke about this stuff. I have some fun posts planned for us if I can ever get them together but for now, you'll have to settle for this. Or, I guess you don't have to... either way, I'm not real exciting this week. Sorry, some weeks are just like that.

What We're Reading in July

I'm always looking for a new book to read so I thought I'd share what we're into this month. Enjoy!


Some friends recommended this book to me. Normally, it's a book I wouldn't go near. Who wants to learn stuff while in the throws of a good book? I typically go for something light & easy. This is surprising light & easy & I find myself googling these people to learn more. Fun! 


Again, another recommendation. It's about vision (der) & leadership & stuff. I think he digs it. He's not here for me to ask, so I'm assuming he's into it. 

The Boys

This is what they're reading (all 3 of them):

I know, right? I can't even discuss it.

A teacher friend recommended this series for them.

I found book 1 at the library. It's getting dusty on the bookshelf. Whatever. I'll force it upon them next week.

The Baby

How long do you think I can call him the baby? 

He's discovered Eric Carle & is smitten. He's definitely my kid ;) 

Hope your families are enjoying summer reading as well. We finally made it all the way through a library summer reading program log- whoo hoo! It's amazing how much easier it is when they can read to themselves! 

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