Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cheers & Jeers: Father's Day Edition

It's been a while & I'm in need of some celebrating!

Cheers & Jeers: Father's Day Edition

Cheers to Dad's!

Happy Father's Day week to all the dads out there & all the dads-to-be! Thank you for being an awesome influence on your little one's life. My boys have been blessed with the best dad out there & we decided to honor him by making this little video! Enjoy :)

Cheers to Looney Ballooney!

Father's Day evening, we headed out to the Old Bag of Nails Pub for a Dad celebration. If you haven't been there, I totally recommend. The food is fantastic! While we were there, we made 2 awesome discoveries: 1. Kids eat free on Sundays- bonus!  and 2. Amy Holmes, balloon artist.

When I say balloon artist, I don't use that term lightly. I've seen my fair share of balloon animals & no one compares to this lady. She is unbelievable. Check out her work:


If you are in need of a balloon artist, I encourage you to check her out! Here's a link to her website: Looney Ballooney

Cheers to Trader Joe's & this stuff:


I love so many things about Trader Joe's that it's hard to list them all. Great prices, usual selections, all the healthy stuff; what's not to like? Then, I discovered the Chunky Guacamole. This stuff is Fan.Tas.Tic. And it's good for you. Your belly wins all around. 


Jeers to Lookey-Loos

That's right, I'm talking to you people who crane your neck to watch me drag my screaming toddler out of the restaurant. I have a few things to say to you:

1. Don't judge us, your child will embarrass the crap out of you at some point. You can count on it.

2. I will continue to go out to eat with my family. I do not particularly enjoy cooking & I will avoid it if possible. 

3. My other 3 children have excellent restaurant manners & this one will too. How do you think the other's got that way? If I want them to learn how to behave in a restaurant, I must take them to one. 

4. I'm avoiding eye-contact with you because a) I don't really care to see your disapproving look and b) I'm terrified my toddler is going to grab a hold of my shirt mid-rage & flash all of you. I'd like to be able to face people again & I can't do that if I can identify you. It's not personal. 

Happy week everyone! My boys are in camp this week, can you say "aaahhh??" 

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  1. The Father's Day video is sooo cute. Great job producer Mom.


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