Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Workin It: Summer Edition

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It's taken me only about 3 weeks, but I'm finally getting into the groove of summer. I like to kind of ease into things, feel it out & see how it's going to work for me. That's how I roll. Summer schedule kicked in this week, you can read about in my post The Line Up  (See, this is where you can just click on the post name to read more about our summer schedule. I'm getting techie ;) You know you're excited.). Kids are on board, we're all feeling the vibe. Life is good. Perfect time to introduce the new chore chart.

I started chore charts with my kiddos back in February and it has worked like a charm. You can read more about how I established habits instead of chores in my previous post Workin' It and Update: Workin' It, Still Workin'. My boys still follow through with their morning responsibilities with no hassle. They do need reminders to make sure their tasks are completed, but there is no battle, no fuss when it comes to actually doing it. Couldn't love it more. 

Enter the summer chore chart. My boys have basically 3 jobs this summer in addition to their regular morning chores (see Workin' It): sweep, dishes & tables. Watering the plants is spread throughout the week, mostly so I remember to actually water the plants! I'm great with plants at first but then...not so much. Hoping this holds me more accountable, we'll see :)

The Big 3

Like before, I chose 3 chores that I thought the boys could do easily, with little to no help from me. These all focus around mealtime, the biggest source of cleaning & clean up for me during the day. Feeding 4 boys three times a day is a process from start to finish. We use a LOT of dishes & we make a LOT of crumbs. So, any help I can get from them to going to make my life much, much easier & maybe free up some time to do other things, say...blogging? We'll see how it goes!


We have a Swiffer Sweeper Vac that I raved about in my post Be Awesome Today. The boys can use this easily so their job is to sweep under the table after every meal. 


This one is basically to wipe off the tables, chairs & island after every meal. This will hopefully be done before the sweeping & will hopefully cut down on the stickiness. Hopefully...


Dishes is turning out to be the most work. Their job is to help load the dishwasher & to dry the dishes I'm washing. Gotta say, I'm loving this because I always have a clean sink after each meal. I love a clean sink. I also like this one because the child is pinned in the kitchen with me 3x a day and I'm finding its a great time to chat :)

That's it! So far, so good; everybody's on board as of right now. I'm paying them $1.50 instead of a $1.00 since they're doing a little more work. This is just for the summer, when school rolls around we'll go back to our regular chore schedule and cut out the additional work; unless, of course, that I'm finding it's easy to manage. Then, we may keep both. I do love the extra help... 

Trying to raise good husbands, ladies! 

What chores do your kiddos do during the summer? Share with me! 
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