Friday, July 26, 2013

Things I Learned on Vacation

Hey-o! Happy Friday everyone! 
This blog post is being brought to you my new laptop- I'm in looovvee! Sorry kids, you're on your own for the next few days while Mommy gets reconnected. 

Just kidding... sort of :)

Because we're friends & everything, and I have a new laptop to put to use, I decide to bring you some fun heading into your weekend. That, and my kids have been home sick all week & I'm bored to tears. Take your pick. Here are some fun things I learned while on vacation in sunny Fripp Island, SC. 

Things I Learned on Vacation

Alternate Title: Deep Thoughts While Relaxing

Other Alternate: Things I Noticed That I Found Amusing and Wanted to Share But Didn't Want My Old Laptop To Catch On Fire While On My Lap

I'm all about choices today.

1. People in the south like to monogram everything.

I'm not dogging this, I just never knew you could get a sweet monogrammed hat, swim shirt, Tervis mug, car decal, I could go on & on. 

I get it, I monogram the heck out of my boys' backpacks, lunch bags, etc. But I've never seen quite the volume like I did this past week. Anyone who has an embroidery machine should head down south. You'll clean up.

2. You can basically wear anything you want to the beach/pool while on vacation.

Again, not hating. Just observing. Quite literally anything goes; size, shape, amount of fabric. There are no longer rules about this stuff. You should be warned, though. Random teenagers will discuss your cellulite at will, according to a convo overheard by my husband while at the pool. He also mentioned that it was a bit of a pot/kettle moment for them so just because somebody's hatin' doesn't mean that they should be. I say do your thang. Haters gonna hate. Just wait until they have kids...

3. It is possible to sneak a milkshake into your car without having to buy your children one.

Are the angels singing to you too? It was a beautiful moment. The Hubs ordered a milkshake while we stopped at Zaxby's on the way home. I was expecting tears & yelling (from me "Seriously, you had to have a milkshake, ugh. Kids are going to melt!") but nope! Didn't happen.
*side note, Zaxby's is divine. I bet you heard angels singing when you read that part too.

Here's how it went down, in case you want to take notes:

  • placed order inside the building instead of the drive-thru; kids running amuck, no one was listening.
  • one parent exits the restaurant under the premise of "getting the kids back in the car" while the other stays inside waiting for the food
  • remaining parents exits the building with the food while discretely covering the milkshake in the drink carrier
  • both parents begin passing out food in a frenzy to distract the children while placing said milkshake in a front seat cup holder, making sure said milkshake is covered by the debris involved in road trip
  • exit the parking lot in your vehicle while everyone eats happily & never speak of the milkshake, using hand gestures to indicate that it's your turn for a sip
  • relish the fact that you got to have a treat & share a secret that the masses would have cried about

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Hope your vacation was as educational as mine. 

Wrapping it up with a family beach photo. This is your awwwww moment :)

Love ya right back

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