Friday, August 9, 2013

She's Crafty

I feel like I need to redeem myself a little after the whole Pinterest debacle. I AM, in fact, crafty. Some might say that I'm quite crafty, but I'm selected about how I use my craftiness.

For example, I love to make things as gifts for other people. I know this teeters on the edge of being that girl who gives people crap she makes because she thinks its awesome when it's really hideous.  I try to only make & give things that I think other people will like AND I only give things that I'd like in my own home. Its a slippery slope but I like to create & share, so deal with it.

I'm great at making & finishing things for my loved ones. I'm terrible at finishing things for myself. In light of public Pinterest shaming, I'm sharing with you possibly my best craft gift yet.

For Mother's Day this year, I was looking for something unique for the ladies in my life. I didn't want to give them the same ole' thing, but rather something different & as awesome as they are. I came across these little cross-stitched families in an Uncommon Goods catalog & thought (this is what gets me into trouble!) "Hey, I can make that!" I grew up cross-stitching so I could do this. And for the UG price tag of $200, I found my motivation to DIY.

I quickly found out why UG was charging $200 a pop- this was a HUGE time commitment. But I can say that I loved, loved creating these for my moms; it was worth every minute to see the looks on their faces when they opened it.

Maybe I should trick myself into thinking the Pinterest project is for someone else... any takers? (wink, wink)

If you want to read more about my Pinterest fail click here and here.


  1. Joy! Those are so cute. I bought Kendal a starter cross stitch, and it was too hard for her. So, I just HAD to do it. I worked for 45 minutes and came out with about a centimeter wide circle-ish shape in two colors that's supposed to be the middle of a flower. It's now in the craft bin. Oh well. I'm pretty impressed with yours!

    1. Thanks, Margo! It's definitely a little tricky at first. I can teach you if you want, something to do in your free time ha ha ;)

  2. Those are incredible, Joy! You completely redeemed yourself;)


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